In 1955, On the Waterfront won eight Academy Awards. Considered the eighth greatest American movie of all time, the drama portrays union violence and corruption among longshoremen, depicting life conflicts, like the movie, in black and white.
We’ve grown a new culture. Sixty years later problems are in hues with a billion Shakespeares penning a new dialect.
Targeted Assass in- a- tion,
Economic Stab-aliz a- tion,
Mass Commun-ica- tion,
Enhanced Interr-oga- tion

Share, Tweet, Text, Skype
Friend, Like
Surgical Strike
Clone, Drone, I – Phone
Gender Bender…Trans gen- der,
Safe sex, Trans sex, Same sex, online sex
I T, PC, EP, En-er- Gee
Home- lan Secur-i-ty
Lobb-ie, Benghaz-IE,
In- sur- gen–cy
Bank Insolve-en-CY
Mickey D…
W-M-D, STD, Nuclear Cap-a-bility,…
Environ-men-Tal Sustain- a-bility
Extra “T” ,…Annunak ee
Reality.. TV…. World E- con-o mie
Self- ie,
On Line EN- TIT- Tee
USB , Tea Part-ee,
Ayatollah Kha-men-E
Ray Z, Be-Once, Kerr-y, Sarah P, …
Straight, Gay, Abugrabe
CIA, ERA, NSA,…IRA … ,401…..K
AK -….47
Karside, Putin, Net-an-ya-hou,
Hamas, Git mo
Viral, Blog, NFL
Inter-di-mension- al
Chakr-a, Karm-a, Obam-ah,
Alquid ah, Lady Gag ah,
Justin Bee Bah
Social Med-I ah,.
Medical Mar-a-jua-na
Vi-ag- gra

Egypt, Iraq, Af-ghan-as-tan
North Korea, Iran
Pak – is- tan….
O Sama Bin- Lad-AN

Paula Dean,
Mu-ja-ha- Deen

Chat group, Jihad, Blog, Linked In,
Gaza, Pal-es-tin-I-EN
Ancient Su- mari- AN

Ukraine, Libya, Cri- me- ah
Google, Facebook, Mass Med-ia

Muslem Extreme, Political speak
Space Shuttle, Deficit, Radiation Leak

Muslim Extreme, Arab Spring
Debt ceil- Ling,

UFO, Niburu,
Contact, Channel, Crop cir- cull

On line Date,… Rel ate,… & Mate

Sire, Hire, Fire,… Inspire, ……Re-tire

Our new dialect with words to write
Muted hues from Black and white
Wrong with might… becomes new right

Monitored e-mail and Too big to fail
Our New Age Cul-ture E- volve- EN
On the Waterfront to The Wolf of Wallstreet
I Love Lucy
Two and One-Half MEN

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