I fired up the snowblower for the season’s first snowstorm, holding my breath as I always do, hoping my tempermental Toro would start and do its job. Not asking too much especially since it sits in the shed corner with nothing to do for nine months of the year.

Thankfully, the auger turned and the snow started flying in a magical plume. Up the driveway I plowed, flushed with satisfaction at my proficiency caring for my family handling the elements, enjoying the not too cold, crisp air with one of the unique experiences of a being a New Englander.

Then I noticed my mailbox – lying askew in the snow bank across the street. Tire marks of the town snowplow told the story of a carless operator who had backed too far and wiped out my box. My reaction would once have been shouted, “That stupid plow driver! Why couldn’t he be more careful! “That son of a bitch!”

But it wasn’t. I’ve mellowed.

So I moved the box out of harm’s way, lifting it tenderly, almost like a run over pet, before spiking it high onto the snow bank where it would need to stay until spring, when the ground thawed soft enough for a new post hole.

Instead of anger, what swelled inside was a tinge of remorse. In my mind’s eye, I saw the door closing behind my mailbox, the silver receptacle slipping into obsolescence. By the time spring arrives the Mailman will have forgotten my stop, and I’ll probably be done with paper mail. The cleverly painted-by -a friend mailbox with colorful flowers, sold at a church fair, will be gone the way of The Pony Express, gas station attendants, and the family home phone.

For 100 Rowley Hill Road, no more pre approved Discover Credit Cards with 0% interest for the first six months or latest happenings newsletters from the Sterling Senior Center and First Congregational Church. No Act Now Limited time only Xfinity $30/month home security system offers or Bank statements I can get electronically anyway. No never give up Springfield College Alumni Donation requests or L.L. Bean, Yankee Candle, JC Penny, Horseman or American Girl catalogs. Since Community Shopper Newspapers will stop too, it will get a little challenging to start the fireplace. But I’ll adjust.

Now days, I find myself reacting differently to adversity and challenges. For one thing, I don’t get angry anymore. No more sputtering hand me down swears. It’s no good to fight ‘cause things are moving too quickly. Today the Apple phone support person just informed me my I Pad is having problems because it’s too old. Old? Geesh, I just got the darn thing. And I thought I was so Hi Tech.

But I stay calm now. Embrace change, I say.

My mailbox? It rests in peace by the side of the road. And I’m not angry. I’m a lot greener now.

Got to figure out how to get rid of it in the spring though. There’s no more dump, you know.

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