Most parents would agree it gets increasingly difficult to plan a vacation each year that is different, interesting and affordable while at the same time educational for all.

Now, for a limited time, we are offering custom adventures that will solve the annual dilemma while providing a unique experience to share with your friends and co workers for the entire year. Welcome to the inaugural season of the DBTP – short for Dust Bowl Theme Park.

DBTP campers will travel along the original westward migration route of those unfortunate American farmers who were attempting to escape the ecological catastrophe know as the dust bowl.Unlike expensive theme parks such as Disney World or Universal Studios, no extra money will be required or needed, as you will barter for fuel or water to drink or to fill the leaking truck radiator at sporadic gas stations along the way. Included in the modest original fee, we will provide a movable four- person tent with only a few leaks, along with two cooking pots and a bag of potatoes. Your family will bond each morning striking and loading the tent with the rest of your belongings onto an original model A vehicle. Some may prefer driving at night to avoid the burn of constant daily 110 degree heat.

In order to reproduce the actual experience of a desperate dust bowl family, DBTP will provide only the most basic survival essentials. There will be no washing and or showers; you will only bring the clothes on your back.
During your two week journey, you will experience plenty of bugs and snakes, and our professionals will help you experience hunger, despair and desperation while fostering just the hint of hope you’ll be able to finish your two weeks at all. (Giving up is not allowed.)

As a bonus, when you least expect it, our professional staff of hostile ranchers will surprise you, rousting the family from a light sleep forcing you to move on in the middle of the night.Just imagine, it may be the first time, since your grandparents, that anyone in your family has actually had to go to the bathroom outdoors.

And when you get home, you might even tell the secret of DBTP – there is no “TP” at DBTP.

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