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                        UNITED NATIONS ADRESS

Mr. Speaker,

Members of the United Nations,

Ladies and Gentleman.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak today. You are our last chance.

I come before you a homeless man. My country of Syria is a place unsafe for anyone to live. Two weeks ago rescue workers in Aleppo pulled my six year old daughter Nadia from under the rubble of our house, I cried as I held her in my arms waiting for a reply. Then I realized she had no idea who I was. I don’t know exactly how long it was, but my neighbors finally eased her lifeless body from my grasp before helping me wrap her in a blanket to bury alongside other victims of the shelling.

And so I ask you, you who must have families like mine, with children you surely treasure more than your own life. What prompts men to do this to each other? To bomb homes and butcher families? Syria is not the first place. Why has it always been? From the beginning of time. So what hateful urge must we all carry born of fear?

Now I see thousands of my friends and neighbors fleeing to uncertain fates – refugees, living in the squalor of mud and tents rather than to submit to die under bombs from the sky. And others, like you, wonder, “what should we do with them?

I ask you, Members of this world assembly, when you go home tonight to your own families, do you listen for the drone or jet plane arriving with death. When you hug your children and grandchildren, do you need to wait for them to open their eyes and recognize you?

Men are alike. We want to live in peace. And yet this killing continues. Not the first time, but throughout all time, from the beginning controllers send men on missions to kill each other.

I call on you to stop this. This is not a civil war, but an invasion. For whose benefit?

So, who is the conductor, orchestrating these deeds? What is their intent? Who are the men controlling the world? Expose them. Our world is not theirs to run.

See the truth behind the manipulation and deceit.

Members of this assembly, speak out to end this.

Humanity demands a better world.

Thank you.

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