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In Lancaster, fathers taught sons to keep their musket close, often the difference between life and death, and advice to keep your powder dry was not just a suggestion. But preparation and caution were never enough when an enemy used the oldest proven tactic—the advantage of surprise.”

Sawyer’s Regret

This historical novel is based on true events in 1705 concerning the kidnapping by Native American and French-Canadian raiders of Thomas Sawyer, his son Elias of Lancaster, MA and John Bigelow, a carpenter from Marlboro, MA. The Sawyers and Bigelow were taken to Canada where they remained prisoners for a long time.

Newly Published


I received great news this week regarding my recently-published and first short story, “TEX MOSTLY.”

“The Fourth Annual Adelaide Literary Award Contest 2020 ended, and the results were announced on January 31. In the case of our literary competition in three categories – best poem, best short story, and best essay, after two rounds of readings, we ended up with the final 65 poems, 82 short stories, and 50 essays, each with the number of points of 90 and over.You being one of those Finalists, we congratulate you on your achievement…

Published by “Adelaide Literary Magazine,” Number 40, September 2020

I recorded the story and posted on Youtube


“I scuffed my boots across the gravel yard, hoping the day had made everything all right. The barn door was open the quarter way it always was: it never closed all the way. I pushed letting what was left of late afternoon sunshine spill in over my shoulders, awakening the barn’s insides.”

Moving Willie

These are my first three sentences that grew to an episode and my writing adventure, eventually becoming the story, MOVING WILLIE.

An eight-year-old boy’s two years living first in Lowell, MA and then full time on a remote farm in Harvard, MA in 1957, before the highway Route 495 was built through the woods.

Painting for the front cover done by Janet Watt

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