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“Linda, your grandfather said you have stories to tell. I hope his gift will help inspire you to write them. We are waiting…”


The adventure of two young brothers living on a farm hidden deep in the woods of Central Massachussetts. In 2020, “Tex Mostly” was short-isted for “Short Story of the Year” by”Adelaide Literary Magazine.”





“AND ANOTHER THING…just saying”

“I read your book in one sitting; I couldn’t put it down!” Enthusiasm begins when people enjoy reading about themselves…their own feelings and experiences. In this his first collection, “AND ANOTHER THING just saying…,” E. Raymond Tatten offers thirty-five new and previously published essays – stories and musings with topics most will recognize such as the death of a childhood pet, high school days, parenthood and discovering a new “senior discount” – even essays such as “Two Bad Things” and “Finding Trouble,” that are reactions to current events. Some pieces resemble the writing of Jeremy Clarkson or Bill Bryson. Most essays are three-hundred words – short, digestible bursts, One essay was “short-listed for Essay of the Year,” by “Adelaide Literary Magazine.” One reader commented she knew the author now – like they had talked.The pieces are like favorite potato chips – you can’t just do one.


This book is soon to be published and not launched on Amazon yet.


“Hear me, English! No more talk!” With a surprise scream, the warrior spun on his heels, swinging the iron hatchet with his arms extended before, with a loud grunt, releasing it toward Elias.” This is an excerpt from my exciting historical novel set in the original 1705 settlement of Lancaster, Massachuttes. I am beginning the final formatting with plans for a summer release… Stayed tuned for “Sawyer’s Regret.”In addition to Amazon, I am offering autographed books with the custom message you request to provide a special gift for a friend or family member. Order through PAYPAL, and I will sign and ship the book directly.


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